Robbie and Anna at origin

We began with a love of chocolate

When we started our own chocolate story we lived in a tiny 400 sq ft studio and converted it into a chocolate making test kitchen, with the sound of chocolate grinders lulling us to sleep each night. We put together PVC pipes attached at every angle in our backyard for winnowing the shells and converted a countertop chicken rotisserie oven into a cacao bean drum roaster. It was a beautiful mess and we loved every moment of it!

It’s been a long time since our first forays into the world of cacao, with plenty of trial & error. We now have a factory in the mountains of Utah, using old world techniques combined with newer machinery to craft the best & smoothest chocolate possible.

We continue to value the little things

We believe that chocolate is about experiences. 

Tasting experiences. Simple moments to share. A gift to unwrap. A break in a long day. A reward with a glass of wine and your close friend. 

It’s about sharing small moments and connecting with each other, and we try to keep those rituals going.