Our story of Marañón begins on March, 2010 in Costa Rica. We were with Steve DeVries and he presented to us a small amount of chocolate he had helped produce from the farm all the way to the finished chocolate for Dan Pearson, the founder of the Marañón cacao. Upon trying it, we immediately realized that this chocolate was the best we had ever tasted. It was delicate, strong, fruity, nutty; an absurdly good oxymoronic tasting profile - a pairing unto itself. To this day, that tasting experience still ranks at the top of our list. And from that day, we knew that we wanted to work with cacao from Marañón.

Made with pure Nacional cacao from the remote Marañón River Valley in the Cajamarca Region of Peru. Marañón cacao contains a high ratio of white beans, which contributes to a lighter hue and inviting, subtle tannins. Enjoy this notably aromatic chocolate, characterized by floral, herbal and stone fruit flavors.

This is the most delicate chocolate that we make. It's naturally higher in cocoa butter so it has a smoother texture. It's slightly fruity. Reminds us of stone fruits, like peach and apricot. Lightly nutty. Perhaps its main attribute is just how delicate it is. Chocolate, by nature, is an extremely flavorful substance. The fact that the flavor in the Maranon is so light, considering it's 75% bar and we're not adding extra fat, is amazing. The other less obvious flavors and aromas are that of the floral and herbal spectrum. There's a faint rose petal flavor and aroma to it as well as a bit of an herbal/medicinal flavor.


Marañón Cacao in the Cajamarca Region of Peru

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Floral, herbal, roasted nuts and stone fruit