Single Origin Collection

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Our Single Origin Collection is the foundation for our passion for chocolate. Each bar is simple in ingredients, yet crafted to share the bold and unique flavors of the cacao beans we source.

Single Origin Collection

  • Ecuador 75%

  • Ecuador 85%

  • Madagascar 75%

  • Peru 75%

  • Belize 75%

Customer Reviews

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Birthday Gift

I sent a Single Origin Collection of chocolate to a friend, at her request, for her birthday. She had raved to me about the Ritual chocolates she ate while visiting in Utah. She said that the chocolates she received as my gift are amazing, unlike any chocolate she has ever eaten before. And she's a true chocoholic. Ritual and I have made her very happy.

Maxwell Argenti
Absolutely blown away! 😍

I used to work in a fine chocolate shop, so I’m always on the lookout for chocolate that’s sourced and made well. This place has replaced 1st place, by far. Perfect temper, just stunning! We haven’t even made it through each bar; and, already, started filling our shopping cart.

The fact that the bars themselves are a work of art, and packaging too— that’s just a bonus!

Kenneth Adams

It was great to explore different origins of chocolate & experience the changes in taste between the environments each bar is sourced from. I would recommend this collection to someone looking for a high quality chocolate tasting experience.

John C Caldwell

Delicious chocolate as always

Eilleen Hamlin

Ordering ease with prompt customer service and speedy delivery!