New! Limited Edition Gingerbread Spiced Chocolate Bar

New! Limited Edition Gingerbread Spiced Chocolate Bar


As the heat of summer fades and cool breezes creep over the Wasatch moutain range, our thoughts turn to our favorite time—the fall & winter seasons. While pops of color are beginning to illuminate the treeline we have been busy crafting the perfect bar to add warmth, spice, and a bit of holiday flavor to our chocolate offerings.




This bar was inspired by our favorite spices and a fondness for homemade holiday cookies. The citrus zest & sweetness of the ginger contrast the rich dark chocolate, while cinnamon, allspice, cloves & nutmeg balance the bar in a way that is both nostalgic and delightful. We fell in love at first bite & think you will too.




For the fall time we love to pair this bar with a brisk hike, hot cider and an evening finding new constellations. In the winter we pair this bar with a thermos of tea (perhaps a nip of whiskey), and a cross country ski through silent pines. Be sure to save a bite or two for après.


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