The Journal

The Journal

Welcome to the Ritual Chocolate Journal! This will be the home for most of our storytelling efforts. Sure, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are a way to communicate with our customers, but it’s hard to beat old-fashioned prose when it comes to telling a story. We’re certainly late to the blog bandwagon, as we’ve been making chocolate now for 8 years, but it’s never too late to start, right? Actually, we had a blog when we first got started, but that only lasted about a year, and we only really had time for that because we were hardly in business at the time.

So what do we have to share that’s important enough to put into writing and important enough for you to read? Well, a lot, if you’re into chocolate. If not, then maybe nothing. However, it’s very unlikely that all of our journals will be about chocolate—chocolate may be the core of our existence, but it takes us places, introduces us to people and connects us with other foods and industries.

So what can you expect from this journal? Our idea is to share stories about making chocolate, the cacao sources, the machinery and equipment that we use, and the ways that it can be experienced. We also have two small Coffee and Chocolate Bars in Park City, so we are also in the coffee world. So our love of coffee will also make an occasional appearance in the journal. Our cafe manager, Michael, is a fountain of all things coffee. In addition to our chocolate bars, we are now making truffles as well, so our chocolatier, Marcie, may occasionally make an appearance as a guest writer. As we love food and love to cook, we may also share our favorite chocolate recipes.

Stay tuned! And Welcome!


Co-Founder/ Chocolate Maker


Snapshot of our Mexico 75% bar while hiking in Moab last weekend.Snapshot of our Mexico 75% bar while hiking in Moab last weekend.
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