Rachel Froelich - Cafe Manager

Rachel Froelich - Cafe Manager


I am the cafe manager at Ritual. I'm from Bozeman, Montana. My educational background is in psychology and philosophy. I've worked at a few different cafes in Bozeman as a barista. I've also worked as a freelance writer on and off, and I've worked as a private care provider as well. In my free time I like to make art, listen to music, read, and do yoga.

My interest in coffee sort of lead me to apply for a job at the coffee shop inside the factory and from there on my interest in chocolate grew the more I learned about our products and the process of making Ritual Chocolate. 


FAVORITE RITUAL BAR: I really like the Madagascar Bar as well as the 100 Percent Bar but honestly my favorite bar changes every couple of weeks.

WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO: I've been listening to a lot of folk punk music like Andrew Jackson Jihad and Days N' Daze, I've also been listening to a lot of ska punk like Streetlight Manifesto and The Interrupters.

WHAT ARE YOU READING: I am currently reading the Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood, and Hillbilly Women by Kathy Kahn

YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT WORKING WITH CHOCOLATE: Smelling good when I come home from work!

IF YOU COULD TRAVEL ANYWHERE: I would go to Costa Rica again.


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