Karina Nelson - Head of Sales and Accounts

Karina Nelson - Head of Sales and Accounts


Hey! I'm Karina and I am the Head of Sales and Account for Ritual Chocolate! I was born and raised in Cookeville, Tennessee, but I have loved living in Utah. Being from Tennessee I crave the outdoors and have a guilty pleasure for all fried foods.

I worked at a small bean to bar chocolate factory before working at Ritual. At my old job I formed a solid love for all things chocolate. The way cacao is grown and harvested, family traditions of taking care of a cacao farm, and of course, I am an avid taste tester ;)


FAVORITE RITUAL BAR: The Bourbon Barrel Aged bar is in my top 3 for sure. The other 2 vary depending upon my mood.

WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO: Every week I am listening to whoever will be at the next Ogden Twilight show. So I can be fully prepared to scream all the lyrics!

WHAT ARE YOU READING: I am currently reading Educated, and Girl, Wash Your Face.

YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT CHOCOLATE: I love that when it comes to pairing fine foods, chocolate is next to all of them. Chocolate compliments and elevates everything (in my tasting experience).

FUN FACT: I have moved 13 times, 7 of those were across country. I wouldn't recommend it haha. 

IF YOU COULD TRAVEL ANYWHERE: I just found my passport, so anywhere out of the country! 


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