Sofia Gomez Villafane - Administrative Manager

Sofia Gomez Villafane - Administrative Manager


Administrative Manager/Everything

I was born in Esquel, Chubut a small town in the Patagonia of Argentina. When I was 12 my family moved to USA and have stayed state side ever seen.

In my spare time I am mainly on my bicycle as I am pursuing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Before I came to work at Ritual Chocolate, I was in Durango CO getting my bachelors degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Business Administration.

At Ritual Chocolate my official title is Admin Manager as I do a little bit of everything. I was lucky enough to start as a barista and them move to an office job, which has allowed me to understand all the parts of the business. I currently do some bookkeeping, HR management, managing new projects and helping with custom orders.

WHAT MADE YOU INTERESTED IN CHOCOLATE?: I have been working in the chocolate business for 7 years and it was not so much that I was interested in chocolate but more that the right job came along at the right time. Through my time at Ritual I have discovered what good, ethically source chocolate is, as well as how different chocolate from different origins can taste.


FAVORITE RITUAL BAR: I think my favorite Ritual Chocolate bar is our new Pine Nut Chocolate bar.

WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO: I am not very picky on my music choice, but I choose my music depending on what I am riding. If I have a hard training day I normally will go for more pop, rap to help with the hard efforts but if it’s an easier ride I just play a random playlist.

WHAT ARE YOU READING: Not currently reading a book!

YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT CHOCOLATE: I think my favorite part is being able to teach people about how each chocolate origin is different and helping them taste their difference!

FUN FACT: Currently chasing the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for Argentina in MTB.

IF YOU COULD TRAVEL ANYWHERE: HOME! I spend a little over half of my year away from home so being home and able to cook my own food is a true treat!



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