Cacao-infused Old Fashion

Cacao-infused Old Fashion

One of our new favorites—this take on an Old Fashioned that uses whiskey infused with our cacao nibs is an instant classic.


For the Chocolate-Infused Whiskey
1 (750 mL) bottle rye whiskey
1/4 cup Ritual Chocolate Cacao Nibs

For the Cocktail
1 brandied cherry
1 half orange slice
1/2 ounce demerara syrup
3 dashes mole bitters (Bittermens Xocolatl Mole)
2 1/2 ounces chocolate-infused rye whiskey
½ cup Ritual Chocolate Drinking Chocolate to dust edges of glass

Make the Chocolate-Infused Rye Whiskey
In an infusion jar, add cacao nibs and fill the jar with rye whiskey. Shake well and allow the infusion to set for 3 days, or until you get a nice, balanced flavor. Once it reaches your desired flavor intensity, strain out the nibs and rebottle the whiskey. It can be stored like any other whiskey.

Make the Cocoa Old-Fashioned
In an old-fashioned glass, wet the edge of the glass and place in ground chocolate. Add the brandied cherry, orange slice, demerara syrup, and mole bitters. Muddle well. Fill the glass with ice and add the infused whiskey. Stir lightly.

Serve and enjoy!

Recipe by Colleen Graham

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