COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates


Now is the perfect time to stock up on stay-at-home chocolates. Instead of going to the bars let us bring the bars to you! We are working to create care packages you can send your loved ones while we all practice social distancing and travel is difficult. In addition we’ll be adding a “work from home” bundle to keep you properly caffeinated and in full chocolate snacking supply. As a reminder we offer free shipping for all orders over $50 and we’re doing a sale on our Limited Edition Mulled Wine bar.


We are a local business that not only runs a chocolate factory, but also two cafes in Park City. We are taking appropriate actions to slow the spread of COVID-19 and have closed our Whole Foods cafe until further notice. We will maintain a drive-up option at our Iron Horse location, and are re-directing our efforts to our website and our amazing retailers.


We are as concerned as you about the impact on community health as well as the collateral damage to our economy and staff. We are working hard to sustain both our small business and our employees. We love what we do and the people we work with and want to financially support everyone involved. To do this we would greatly appreciate your continued support through our online sales, gift cards, and subscription boxes. We hope our chocolate can bring a piece (or bar) of joy while we all do our part practicing social distancing.


We are closely monitoring federal, state, and local guidance to understand our part in minimizing our impact while trying to avoid unnecessary panic. We await the day when we can safely reopen our cafes and become a place for community gathering once again.

Please support small businesses during this time! Buy local, buy gift cards, buy take-out and support workers. We can all do our part to sustain our community.

Thank you for loving our company, our people, and our chocolate. Stay healthy, we hope to see you soon.

Anna & Robbie

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