Limited Edition Berries & Bubbly Bar

Limited Edition Berries & Bubbly Bar

February is almost upon us and those late winter chills are getting replaced by warm spring days and melting snowpack.

At Ritual, we think every day is a great opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the people nearest and dearest to you, and what a better way to celebrate than with a bottle of bubbly and fresh berries? We’ve combined these two tantalizing flavors into one bar. Spring is almost here, so let’s grab a bar, pop a cork and take a moment to celebrate the ones we love!


We have spent quite a few months now, crafting what we believe is the perfect chocolate bar for the occasion: our Berries & Bubbly bar. Our Madagascar cacao nibs were soaked in a white wine barrel to bring together the crisp freshness of a dry bubbly with the bright fruity notes of these cacao beans. We roasted the nibs and made a 70% Madagascar chocolate, lightly sprinkled with dried raspberries to give a sharp yet sweet finish. This is a bar that offers bright fruit flavors that do a little dance on the palate, while balancing beautifully with the flavor notes of our Madagascar chocolate. One of our focuses here at Ritual Chocolate, is to keep the integrity of the cacao beans we source, so we always strive to find ingredients to compliment those unique flavor profiles. We truly feel that we found the perfect combination in this bar.

And of course we have to say, it’s best enjoyed paired with your favorite bubbly and a loved one! Now go celebrate!!


Berries & Bubbly Bar - $12

We’re selling this bar for a limited time only both online and at our Whole Foods & Iron Horse locations. Don’t miss out!



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