Ritual Chocolate Bar Collections

Ritual Chocolate Bar Collections



Wrapped in a beautiful foiled box and sleeve, each set has its own story to tell in the Ritual journey. 

Our inspiration behind these collections is to offer something with a bit more substance for gift giving or bringing to a party to share. 


We often go back to our original inspiration, which was to provide a chocolate tasting experience. What better way to taste test chocolates than to have a library of flavors to select from? Although we are all about what’s inside the packaging, it’s amazing how it can change your perception when you take a moment to appreciate how something is curated and beautifully wrapped. We are inviting our customers to take a moment and appreciate the bars in this new context. 


One thing that we feel is so important to tasting and understanding our chocolate is trying the bars side by side to really see and understand the difference and how each is unique. For instance, when you taste the difference between our fruity varieties of Belize and Madagascar next to the fudgey notes of our Ecuador origin chocolate you can taste the distinct flavor notes brought about by the terroir and unique fermentation processes of each region. This gives the perfect opportunity to do so and we recommend adding pairings for each one. 

Whether you are planning a dinner party or wanting to find a unique gift for the chocolate connoisseur in your life, these collections are the perfect tasting experience to share.


Full Bar Collection - $180

This collection has it all (literally)! All 17 bars of our main line. 

We love that this set gives people the full history of Ritual Chocolate, with many of our original bars that were part of our initial passion for high quality cacao bean to bar chocolates, including our much beloved Madagascar 75%, our classic Nib Bar, and the best selling Fleur de Sel. From there you can continue on our Ritual journey, when we were inspired by a Utah local distillery High West Distillery to create our silky Bourbon Barrel Aged bar. Finally we end on our newest Utah Mountain Line that celebrates many of the flavors and local makers in the Wasatch Mountain Range. It’s a collection you can slowly work through on your own, use for a chocolate tasting or to share with happy house guests. 


Single Origin Collection - $55

This collection is really at the heart of why we started Ritual. Each single origin bar is about a relationship we have developed to share unique flavored beans that are planted, harvested and cared for responsibly. Each origin is about standing behind and supporting people that are doing good work to save unique genetics and are working to improve cacao farming practices in quality and sustainability. This collection allows you to take time with each bar and appreciate the subtle differences of flavor and texture in each. It truly is a trip around the world through chocolate.


Mountain Collection - $45

The new Utah Mountain Line is a way for us to share our passion for the mountains we live in. These four bars highlight mountain activities, local producers, and ingredients that can be foraged in the Wasatch range. From the high mountain taste of pine nuts and campfire s’mores to the lavender fields & southern desert flavors of juniper, these bars are sure to delight. Our love of the outdoors and nature is a huge inspiration for our chocolate making and these new flavors and fresh twist on our packaging design make for the perfect gift set.

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