Drinking Chocolate Your Way

Drinking Chocolate Your Way

Whenever the weather starts cooling down, a steamy cup of hot drinking chocolate is just the ticket for a warm and cozy night in. When you get the craving for that rich and comforting hot cocoa recipe, we’ve got you covered. From spicy drinking chocolate to one that will satisfy your sweet tooth, we’ve got some ideas for you to make drinking chocolate your way. 

Drinking chocolate is melting real chocolate into warm milk of your choice, which creates the ultimate comfort drink. We’ve curated a few new ways to spice up your drinking chocolate from around the world. Each of our Drinking Chocolates has different origins with specific tasting notes and flavors that complement each recipe. We’ve taken the time to pair the perfect recipe with the proper cacao origin. These delectable drinks are sure to please the entire family. We’ve even included a way to transform this favorite beverage into a tempting hot cocktail.

The Old Fashioned drinking chocolate recipe uses Ritual One Hundred Percent Drinking Chocolate for this comforting classic. Our 100% Drinking Chocolate gives this recipe a rich flavor with an incredible balance of sweet, bitter, savory, nutty, and fruity tasting notes. Feel free to substitute Milk with a dairy-free option of your choice.

The Spicy Aztec drinking chocolate recipe uses Ritual Ecuador Camino Verde Drinking Chocolate. The unique fermentation methods and careful sourcing give this chocolate its distinguished rich chocolatey flavor. The perfect balance of sweet with the spice of cinnamon is the perfect balance. Remember to remove the seeds from the pepper, crush finely, and add to taste.

The Creamy Coconut drinking chocolate recipe uses Ritual Madagascar Bejofo Estate Drinking Chocolate. The delicious nutty and citrus tasting notes pair perfectly with the tropical coconut milk. This delicious drinking chocolate recipe would also be delicious with whipped cream and finely chopped Macadamia nuts.

The French Sipping Cocoa recipe uses Ritual Peru Drinking Chocolate. This cacao is exceptionally high in cacao butter, which makes this chocolate extra smooth and creamy. European drinking chocolate is exceptionally thick and creamy, like drinking melted chocolate.

The S’mores recipe uses Ritual Mid Mountain Drinking Chocolate. A balanced blend of all the Ritual origins that highlights the subtle tasting notes of each origin- fruity, nutty, earthy, chocolatey, and floral. It is the perfect drinking chocolate to pair with the classic s’more marshmallows and graham crackers. This hot drink will take you back to sitting under a campfire under the stars.

The Adult Peppermint uses Ritual Belize Maya Mountain Cacao. This chocolate has an incredible balance of fruity, earthy, & nutty flavors due to the complex genetics of the growing region. This delicious cocktail has the perfect balance of chocolate and peppermint with a dash of Chocolate Liqueur and Schnapps.

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