Ritual + Caputo's Wild Cacao Series Collaboration

Ritual + Caputo's Wild Cacao Series Collaboration

We're thrilled to introduce Caputo's Wild Tranquilidad bar as the newest addition to their Wild Cacao Series. This bar not only delivers a unique tasting experience,  but also contributes to the preservation of heirloom cacao varieties. Ritual is honored to collaborate with Volker Lehmann and Caputo's on this project, which showcases the unique flavor profile of Wild Bolivian cacao beans. After numerous test batches, we achieved a 75% chocolate bar that delights the senses with only two ingredients: cacao and organic cane sugar. By using minimal ingredients and taking gentle care throughout the chocolate-making process, we allow the subtle flavors of the beans to truly shine through.

Over 12 years ago, we founded Ritual Chocolate with the goal of changing an industry that was plagued by a lack of transparency in cacao sourcing and support for sustainable cacao farming. The chocolate available on grocery store shelves was often made with poor quality ingredients and lacked flavor, while hard-to-find single-origin chocolate had rich flavor profiles and was produced by farmers dedicated to preserving unique cacao varieties. We couldn't understand why exceptional quality chocolate wasn't widely available, and why so many people were unaware that chocolate is, in fact, an agricultural product.

To address these issues, we committed ourselves to producing exceptional quality chocolate without cutting corners in any step of the process, from working directly with farmers to ensuring the final product met our high standards. We also sought to educate our customers on how chocolate is made and the importance of supporting sustainable cacao farming and chocolate making practices.

Participating in this cacao series is a meaningful reminder of why we started our chocolate-making journey and gives us hope that we can work together with industry friends to drive change.

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