Limited Edition - Campfire Bites

Limited Edition - Campfire Bites

Summer is here, and we’re kicking off camping season with a bang. We’re stoked to introduce our newest addition to our product line; Ritual Campfire Bites. This fresh take on a classic campfire treat is a must-have for all your summer excursions. No campfire needed!

When Kim, our head of research and development, was brainstorming ideas for our 2023 limited edition lineup, she wanted to draw inspiration from one of our bars. She asked herself, which one of our bars screams summer? Inspired by a favorite summer tradition of gathering around a campfire with friends, the S’mores Bar seemed the obvious choice. Working with our chocolate panning machine, Kim got to work creating a treat that would be sweet, snackable, and absolutely delicious. Kim’s final product captured the essence of s’mores and summertime.

Vanilla marshmallows coated in a 65% Ritual Chocolate blend creates the perfect combination of pillowy marshmallow and rich chocolate. A light dusting of graham cracker crumbles adds the perfect crunch. Enjoy tasting notes of vanilla and graham cracker, made right here in the Heber Valley using high-quality ingredients and, of course, Ritual Chocolate!

These bite-sized treats make a great on-the-go snack. Pack them along for your hikes, or pass them around a crackling campfire while gathered with friends. These treats are a great addition to any occasion and pair nicely with our classic S’mores Bar.

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