Limited Edition - Gin Juniper Lavender Bar and Barrel Aged Single Malt Whiskey Bar

Limited Edition - Gin Juniper Lavender Bar and Barrel Aged Single Malt Whiskey Bar


Gather ‘round chocolate enthusiasts and gin lovers. We’re thrilled to introduce our latest limited edition chocolate, The Gin Juniper Lavender Bar. Our newest creation pays homage to the botanical complexity of gin and combines these bright notes with our rich dark chocolate.

In creating this limited edition bar, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with a fellow local business, Alpine Distilling. We’ve combined their award-winning gin with our classic Ritual Mid Mountain Bar. Adding a bit of juniper and lavender, we’ve created the perfect blend of botanical essence and rich dark chocolate.

This collaboration was kickstarted by a recent tasting and tour event the Ritual team attended at Alpine Distilling. We were blown away by the robust juniper, honey, and sweet orange flavors in their small-batch gin. We knew it was time for a collaboration. A fresh take on our Juniper Lavender bar felt like the perfect combination with Alpine Distilling’s Gin.

Our production manager, Jolly got to work creating the perfect balance between the botanical flavors of gin and the rich flavor of our Mid Mountain Chocolate. Using a similar process to our bourbon barrel-aged bar, we got our hands on an Alpine gin barrel (previously a chardonnay barrel) to contain all the botanical flavors while the nibs aged. The production of this bar was not an overnight process. The nibs used in this bar were aged in the barrel for a total of 6 months before they were ready to be turned into the final product.

Like many great things, this bar took time, but the results were well worth it. Whether you’re a gin enthusiast or a botanical-curious chocolate lover, this bar will not disappoint.



Attention all whiskey fans and chocolate enthusiasts, our exclusive Barrel Aged Single Malt Whiskey Chocolate Bar is here! This exclusive product is a must-try for fans of our classic Bourbon Barrel Aged Bar. With tasting notes of toasted biscuits, creme brulee, and cedar, this bar is sure to complement any summer gathering.

To create this new bar, we took a page out of our own book. Our classic Bourbon Barrel Aged Bar has always been a crowd-pleaser, so we decided to take the same process a step further. We extended our current aging process and tried a new type of barrel to create this elevated single-malt whiskey chocolate treat.

Our friends at High West Distillery were kind enough to provide us with one of their single malt whiskey barrels to age the nibs. We aged the cacao nibs for a total of 6 months, 3 months longer than our typical bourbon barrel aging process. The results were worth the wait!

This limited edition bar provides a harmonious balance of smokey whiskey notes and rich 75% dark chocolate. This bar is best enjoyed as an after-dinner treat and pairs nicely with a glass of your favorite scotch.

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