Holiday Goodies are Here!

Holiday Goodies are Here!

For this year’s holiday products, we chose holiday flavors the Ritual team loves and wanted to focus on tasting experiences to share. 



For our holiday bar, we created something that has a cozy nostalgic feel and a sense of bringing people together. Traditionally, EggNog was thought to bring good cheer for the holidays and invite prosperity into the household for the coming year. We loved this sentiment and using the inspired EggNog flavors, we set out to make a plant based EggNog with malted oat milk chocolate. As with all our products, we love to work with local producers when we can. We have been testing a Malted Oat Milk chocolate for sometime, using malted oats from SLC based, Solstice Malt. Solstice made an exclusive batch of malted oats just for this bar. We soaked cacao nibs in rum for two weeks to create the malted oat milk chocolate and added warming  cinnamon and nutmeg spices.


We’re excited to share with you our latest panned chocolate product, Peppermint Hot Cocoa Drops. Inspired by some of our favorite holiday treats, these satisfying little bites are made using vegan vanilla marshmallows, coated with our peppermint infused chocolate, and finished with crushed starlight peppermint candies. We wanted to create a treat in which every bite is an experience to be shared, and as the name implies, you can create even more memories by dropping them into hot milk and stirring to create a cozy hot cocoa to enjoy gathered ‘round the fire with the ones you love. Made in small batches, we pour every ounce of love and joy into these delectable treats just for you.



Peppermint is such a ubiquitous winter flavor that reminds us of stepping outside on a frosty December morning, and breathing in that crisp winter air. We wanted to recreate that feeling with our Snowed In Drinking Chocolate. Our rich Mid Mountain 70% chocolate blend lightly infused with peppermint is perfect to enjoy in a decadent hot cocoa, mocha, or a cozy cocktail at your holiday gatherings. We believe that a sip of our Snowed In will invoke the true spirit of winter within you, just like it has in us.

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