New Product - Chocolate Chunks

New Product - Chocolate Chunks

We are a team of food lovers here at Ritual and it goes without saying that many of us are bakers. Always sharing our sourdough tips and latest baking recipes with each other, we (of course!), love to find ways to incorporate our chocolate. Whether broken bars, nibs, or our grated drinking chocolate, we often think about the best chocolate medium for the job. With home baking it’s not just about having the best flavor and texture come through, let’s be honest, we want to keep things simple and easy when we have an hour or two to bake. 


It’s tough to beat chocolate chips. They are tempered, quick to measure, melt, and just plain gorgeous in a cookie. 


As we like to have hefty chocolate chips, we worked to develop our chocolate chunks. They are beautiful rustic disks with our Ritual mold design underneath. They are perfect thrown into your recipe whole or coarsely chopped. Our chocolate chunks are made using our chef’s blend, using organic cacao beans from Zorzal (Dominican Republic), O’Tuma (Nicaragua), and Semuliki Forest (Uganda).


This 65% blend gives a beautifully balanced flavor with a touch more cocoa butter to make it easier to work with. 

We decided to make this a couverture chocolate so it is easier to work with in culinary application. Couverture chocolate is used by professionals for dipping, coating, molding, and garnishing. Big brand chocolates such as Valrhona, Calebuat, and Ghirardelli all have couverture baking chocolate. All three of the Chocolate Chunks origins are super easy to bake with.


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