New Ritual Trail Mix

New Ritual Trail Mix

Our Ritual trail mix has been something we’ve tested and talked about for some time. Our team here at Ritual have had (heated!) discussions about the very best trail mix composition from nuts and dried fruit ratios to sweet vs salty. We all have our perfect mix that we love to have on our outdoor adventures.

And as much as we live for chocolate bars, they don’t always work when you are on a hot mountain bike ride or low on pocket space. We love that trail mix is that perfect, healthy fuel to take with you and can still have a little chocolate to enjoy.

When we first started refining the recipe we knew the foundation would be chocolate pieces, and roasted cacao nibs (of course), and we would build from there. We’ve wanted to use Utah sour cherries for some time in a recipe and this trail mix was the perfect place to highlight Payson Fruit Growers organic cherries that add a chewy tartness to the mix. These cherries have grown in orchards at the foot of the Wasatch mountains since 1964. Fed by Winter snow run-off and part of the fruit-picking culture here, these cherries are crowned the Utah state fruit. 

We tested many nuts to add and settled on toasted cashews and pecans, lightly rolled in maple syrup and a pinch of cayenne for a bit of warmth and sweetness. We hit all the sensations of sweet, salty, bitter, spicy and tart. And are hoping, maybe just maybe, we have hit the perfect balance for everyone.

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